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Time To Be Social

Perhaps you want to show new products to your Facebook followers...or maybe there is an upcoming event or promotion you want to share in detail with your email list. You might even want to keep in touch with your customers on a variety of topics through monthly or quarterly e-newsletters.


Creative Writing and Production can create and maintain your business' social media presence.


Facebook Page Creation/Maintenance

Facebook is easy...

when you have the time to do it! There's more than enough to keep you and your employees busy running your business, without having to add  daily posts to Facebook, Twitter, and more on someone's "to do" list.


Let CWP work with you to set up and populate your page, create posts, and coordinate them with upcoming sales, events and promotions that are important to you and your customers. It's a great way for "word of mouth" customer satisfaction to spread to potential customers.

From once a week to every day--CWP can accommodate your social media maintenance needs.

Event Registration

Promote special events.

Do you have an upcoming workshop, class or presentation that requires registration and/or event fee? Have you planned a special visit from a guest artist, designer, author--someone you want your customers to meet?


In addition to Facebook posts about your upcoming event, CWP can creat promotional emails to market your event and allow people to register online through the payment options that fits with our business.  


Call CWP to begin using your email list to its fullest potential.

Promotional Emails

Dust off that customer email list.

Let Creative Writing and Production help you put it to good use. CWP can create emails to promote a new product, offer a specially priced service, announce an office move, and much more.


These promotional emails can even be linked to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to maximize exposure, grow your email list and sell your products.


Put your news in an e-newsletter.

CWP will create a monthly/quarterly/semi-annual e-newsletter for your business or organization. You determine the topics to be included, and Creative Writing and Production will handle it from there.

E-newsletters are the perfect way to talk briefly about any subjects you feel are important to your customer base:

  • Let your patients know about a new surgical procedure.

  • Inform your customers about special offers.

  • Tell them about new products on the market.

  • Provide handy tips, or any in-office news to share with their patients and customers.



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