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At Creative Writing and Production LLC, we specialize in writing about your business (in general) or your newest endeavor (in particular) and letting your customers know your good news in a variety of ways. 


From website articles and videos, to social media pages, to television, radio and print--we have the experience and the expertise to speak the language your customers understand.


Got a business that’s technical in nature? What you offer probably needs to be understood by a customer base that may not “talk tech.” At Creative Writing and Production, we’ll translate your business language into advertising and marketing that makes sense to the outside world--without diluting the importance of your product or service.


While it’s always great to have lots of lead time to formulate strategic marketing campaigns, we know that business moves at its own pace. Creative Writing and Production is able to turn around creative, effective, cost efficient advertising and marketing in a very reasonable period of time. 


Whether you need one newsletter or an entire marketing strategy,
Creative Writing and Production can help.


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     Advertising • Marketing • Social Media

Tel: 225.938.4635


Baton Rouge


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