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What do you need from your website?


Perhaps it's a "freshening up" of your website's look and feel...or fresh content posted to your site.

You could even be looking to create one from scratch. 

In any case, Creative Writing and Production can create a website you'll be proud of...and your customers will love. 

Watters Edge Realty

New Orleans is the backdrop for Watters Edge Realty.

The client wanted a simple, modern, fresh approach to his website, so Creative Writing and Production delivered.

From one site...

Fresh content is possible.

Dr. Odinet's website was already up and running when he called Creative Writing and Production to take over the marketing for both the surgical and skin care divisions of his business.


The business grew to a point where it made sense to split one site into tow to give proper attention to both the surgery and skin care sides of the business. 

With topic suggestions and supervision for medical accuracy of the information, we work in tandem to keep the content fresh and timely.

Make Us Look Good, Too!

They work to make customers' yards and green spaces look great, so they don't have time to create a website.

Twisted Vines of Lake Charles needed a simple site with some catchy, colorful pages to display their work. CWP took it over from there.


From a landing page to a website...

Creative Writing and Production was asked by owner René Uzeé to upgrade his online presence to a robust website destination for his clients. Now it contains a calendar of events, plus an updated products and services page.


Start From "Scratch"

Poland-Shaw Dog Supplies has been in business for 40 years--without a website. Times change, however, and so do the needs and demands of customers.


In addition to adding boarding plus shampoo, pick up and delivery to his list of customer-friendly services, owner Emmett Poland asked Creative Writing and Production to create a user-friendly website. Customers can see when "Uncle Emmett" will be in his neighborhood to schedule custom services for their pets. 





Let's Connect

There was a new heavy duty equipment rental company opening in Lafayette that needed a website. Creative Writing and Production created the logo, the site, and a second website for a sister company--Buffalo Lawn & Landscaping.

Now both sites are linked to each other, providing marketing information to everyone who visits them.

A Sensitive Subject

Dr. Terry Kraus feels it is his honor and privilege to assist people in their fight against cancer. He wanted his website to be a welcoming, caring, informative refection of his commitment to his "cancer family."

Time for Self-Promotion

Chef Bradley Andries is making a name for himself. He asked CWP to create a website that tells his story and shares some of his dishes and other favorites. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 12.54.40
Oak Pointe

A new subdivision in southeast Baton Rouge needed a website to show and explain its ongoing plans. CWP delivered! two.

It was originally a section on Dr. Odinet's main site.

The skin care division grew to a point where it needed its own site.

With topic suggestions and supervision for medical accuracy of the information, CWP works in tandem to keep the content fresh and timely.


It's important to always remember where the heart of the business is located, so CWP made sure both of Dr. Odinet's websites are linked to each other. That way, his patients are always connected to bothe the surgical and skin care products and services he offers.



" the end of the week"

After seeing our TV commercial on WAFB, owner Tony Robins called CWP to create a new website, door hangers and more.

We'll Take It From Here.

What began as a "touch up," became a new website.


Be careful. Once you see what a new look and added content can do to your website, your request to just "freshen it up" will probably turn into "Go for a new one!"


That's what happened when Hailey Insurance in Baton Rouge asked Creative Writing and Production to give a facelift to its property and casualty insurance website.


From that point, they opted to manage and update their own site.

No problem, CWP handed them the keys.


A "Freshen Up"

It was time to freshen up Coastal Truck Driving School's website. CWP took much of the company information from the original site, and gave it a clean, modern new home.

Be creative...and hurry!

It could be successfully argued that in today's business climate, every business needs a website. Creative Writing and Production was contracted to create a quick, simple, easy-to-understand website for Medical Success Systems LLC--just in time for an industry convention three weeks away!

Let's Complete The Look

The owner of Twisted Vines also has a fence staining business he wanted to tie to the main site. CWP was able to create both and link them together.

Established Companies Need Websites, Too!

Founded in 1977, Bruce Harrell & Co. (a full-service professional CPA firm) offers standard accounting services and complete business consulting services to individuals and companies.


Now, thanks to Creative Writing and Production, they have a website to showcase their experience and expertise.

You need it when?!

Designed Flow Tech, LLC needed a landing page for a business trip a few days later. CWP was able to deliver!

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